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Saturday, November 26, 2011


Some days I can’t believe that I have lived in Los Angeles for ten years.  What inspired my move here in the first place has always been a mystery as I was living oh so happily in my favorite place in the world, New York.  I always thought I would be there...forever.  But one winter afternoon, I decided I was going to move to LA.  My family was confused.  My friends were confused.  I was confused.  But I did it anyway. 
Ten years ago I was a young girl in a new city and didn’t know a soul. I lived in a tiny studio apartment in Hollywood and worked at an awful restaurant who’s greatest gift to me was a friendship that is still strong today.   Ten years ago I’m sure I spent Thanksgiving with a group of people brought together by chance of being orphaned for the holiday.  
Ten years sounds like a long time and I suppose it can feel like a long time.  Yet, I only have to close my eyes and I can see that young girl, that Gelato Girl, with a paper map in her hand, figuring out where she took that wrong turn and how she was going to get home.  I see that Gelato Girl in so many corners I turn; so many coffee shops of past.  I see her writing in a notebook and counting the dollars in her wallet.  I see her laughing with long gone friends and wondering how life would play out for her.  I see her happy, I see her sad...I still feel her Gelato spirit in me.
Ten years later that Girl has grown into Mama.  There aren’t too many days that pass where I don’t wonder to myself...how did this life happen?  Where did these amazing children come from?  How is it possible that they are mine?  How to express gratefulness for this family?  I cannot find the words.
Two days ago, I sat down to Thanksgiving dinner at a beautiful table, lit by candles and twinkling lights.  My children ran around the yard with their best friends.  Seventeen friends, who prefer to think of each other as family, sat down to enjoy food, drink and company.  I was quiet for a moment and smiled as I thought of that Gelato Girl. Did she imagine this life?  Could she have dreamed this family? I can't help but wonder what the next ten years hold for me  ...I can only hope they will be as blessed as the last ten.
But, I’m pretty sure it will be world domination.

Happy Thanksgiving.  I'm so thankful for all the eyes that read this page...

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  1. My New Year's Resolution - to be more thankful. This brought tears of empathy - thank you!