What did those kids do to that nice lady?

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Having both a boy and a girl, I can't help but notice the differences in gender from birth.  Boys really are born using their finger as a gun while making fart noises with their armpits and girls are, shall we say, full of...emotion.  Lots and lots and lots of FEELINGS going on there.  Not that my son isn’t sensitive; he has been known to throw a tantrum or 400...but my little sweet princess...well, she can make a grown man stoop to levels he never thought possible to make her PLEASE STOP CRYING FOR THE LOVE OF SWEET JESUS!  There are days when my sole purpose is to keep her calm at the expense of everyone else’s happiness and safety.  Don’t make your sister cry!  Please!  What are you doing!  Who cares if she’s throwing a rock at your head...AT LEAST SHE IS LAUGHING!  And it’s not so much that she’s particularly loud and obnoxious, it’s just that she has the ability to cry for a Really. Long. Time.  (Although she is apparently loud enough for my neighbors to corner me at the block party and alert me to the fact that I sure do have a cryer on my hands!  I’m guessing this means they think it’s...cute?)  There are days when my daughter will come find me only to drop to the floor and have an emotional breakdown.  Just because. Something to do, I guess.  I suppose I have to take some of the blame for this Drama Daughter of mine, me being female and some (Husband) might say I can be...a tad emotional and at times a bit...moody.  But what I have learned since becoming a mother is that I was BORN LIKE THIS!  I can’t help it.  Just as Husband wanders around pointing his finger at me like a gun while making actual fart noises, I wander around looking for reasons to cry.  Just because I can.  And although I am truly terrified to experience the teenage years with my little fireball, I can tell already that she is going to make someone a terrific wife one day.  Right, honey?  (RIGHT?)

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