What did those kids do to that nice lady?

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Last night I was grumpy and my body was feeling like eating wasn’t a necessary part of my evening so after I put the kids to bed I declared that I was not going to make dinner.  Not.Gonna.Do.It. This is not something that happens regularly as I do tend to make a delicious dinner most nights (no, really, I do) but I went on a mini-strike last night.  I told Husband he could cook if he wanted to eat and here is the recipe and go for it. He stood in the kitchen for a minute, looking confused, and then ordered take out. And you know, that kiiinnndd of annoyed me a tiny bit.  Oh, you don’t want to make dinner right now? Strange. Why not?  It doesn't sound...relaxing...to work all day and then put the kids to bed and then head back out to the kitchen to MAKE FUCKING DINNER?  Because I am always super stoked to make dinner.  I LOVE it.  In fact, as I’m putting the kids to bed I’m like, come on!  Hurry up, children!  Mama wants to get out to that kitchen and make magic!  Daddy’s hungry!

Now I know what you’re thinking: why is she making dinner after she puts the kids to bed?  Doesn’t she allow them to eat?  Yes, yes...they do eat; I’m so lucky I get to make two dinners every night.  One at 530 and one at 730.  I am working on everyone eating one dinner at one time, trust me. It’s just...you know...I’ve got that one kid who won’t eat anything and that other kid who thinks it’s hilarious to get down from the dinner table every 38 seconds and make me chase her to bring her back to the table only to have everyone complain about their food and I don’t like that and I want your fork, no I want that fork, where’s my red napkin, Mommy, you forgot milk, you know how I like to spill my milk at dinner right when you sit down...it really is a special time of day when we all get to eat together.  So most nights I feed the little ones while I drink a glass of wine and have a somewhat more peaceful dinner later with Husband.  (Thought: do the little ones think wine IS my dinner?  Hmmm...last night it was.)  
While I know Husbands all across this land appreciate a home cooked meal every night, I think they sometimes forget to appreciate the effort that goes into it.  So, if your Good Wife makes you dinner tonight, make sure you say thank you.  You never know when Bad Wife will go on strike and leave you with a fridge full of food you don’t know how to cook.


  1. Of course you love those dishes also. Believe me by the time the kids leave you may never want to make dinner ever again, so be don't be surprised if that happens to you.

  2. You are really hilarious! And I identify with so much that you write... I have 3 wee ones, and your blog helps me laugh at my life and remember I am not alone. Thank you.