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Friday, September 23, 2011

Bad Wife

Husband is away this weekend in Oregon to cheer on his beloved (terrible) Bruins which means that I am home alone with the Small Children for three days.  (Side note-I’m pretty sure that I broke up with the Bruins.  We’ll see how Saturday goes.  I told Husband that Stanford was my new team.  Husband not amused.)   This certainly is not the first time I have been left alone with them, considering I am left alone with them each and every single day.  But overnighters are different...the early mornings, the afternoons that drag on....I lose my patience, I lose my mind.  It is because of this that I have a Really.Hard.Time being happy for Husband away having fun.  I KNOW that makes me a BAD WIFE.  I am selfish and petty.  I mean, right now, to think about him wine tasting while I get to wipe butts and negotiate who gets to eat what after they eat this but you have to have some of that to get this...I can hardly be blamed for my bad attitude.  There are a few perks to being home alone, I suppose.  I can watch terrible television; I don’t have to make dinner; I get the whole pot of coffee to myself.  But these things do not in any way make up for the fact the He is Gone and gets to sleep in a HOTEL for two nights and drink lots of beer and hahaha laugh laugh laugh all the live long day.  
So, Honey, if you’re reading this, know that I WANT you to have fun-I’m just going to kind of hate you for it.  Just a little.  And I do want the Bruins to win...I really want to get back together but they have to prove it to me.  And come Sunday, we’ll be here waiting for you.  I have my massage booked, so no wasting time at the airport.  And don’t come home without a gift for your lovely wife.  She likes wine.  And shoes.  Either or both will be fine.  And oh yeah...have fun.  I guess.

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