What did those kids do to that nice lady?

Thursday, September 8, 2011


 I wish I had more inspiring words today, but I spent the morning being held hostage in a beige room with a 2010 issue of Real Simple magazine.  Some prisoner before me had already ripped out the recipes so I was left to learn about how to wear chunky bangles.  USELESS.  When do I get to wear chunky bangles?  (And if I do wear them why would I need instructions?  Don’t you just...put them on?)  Three hours at the eye doctor is not how I envisioned my 4 hours of freedom, I mean, time without Beloved Children.  To top it off, the doctor seemed confused that I didn’t know exactly what my prescription was; left eye, right eye, potato, patoto, aren’t you the EYE DOCTOR? WORK IT OUT.  By the time they took off the handcuffs and freed me from my cell, I had only a few spare minutes to pick up Beloved Children.  Of course, the lure of coffee in the middle of the day forced me to pull over to Starbucks where I was suddenly tortured prisoner of Person in Front of me who ordered five, YES FIVE, pumpkin spice frappacinos with special requirements on each one.  Hey, here’s an idea, Starbucks.  Start a Frappacino Store.  Let the rest of us order and drink our very normal coffee in peace without having to wait in line behind a 7 year old who is getting a smoothie.   The good news is I made it to pre-school pick up, with my coffee, to be greeted by 2 year old who was overly relieved to see me and 4 year old who could care less about me.  And next week, I get to return to eye doctor for “20 minute” follow up.”  Yeah...I’m going to need that in writing....

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