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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bottoms up!

This morning as I was sucking coffee, making a gourmet breakfast and scrumptious, healthy lunches for the wee ones, I happened to glance down at the paper.  The Food section was face up and it said something like this: An aperitif is a civilized way to begin your night. Wait. This headline just confirmed what I have believed for years...drinking is CIVILIZED.   Like rugby matches and polo shirts, afternoon tea with scones, or eating your salad with the right fork- drinking is what one does when one is a polite, civilized LADY.  Granted, although champagne is the obvious drink of choice at any time of day, I have been known to consume un-lady like drinks.  For example-BEER.  And TEQUILA.  (Together these two beverages form a powerful coalition to encourage stupidity, embarrassment and an all around good time which in no way should resemble anything civilized.)  Now, I’m sure the article wasn’t meaning to imply any kind of drinking is civilized, (I didn’t actually read it, just took the liberty of interpreting it as I wished) but I’m going to go ahead and take it that way.   Because there is something about caring for small, charming children all day that makes you want to have a drink.  Or two.  Every night.  And now when I reach for that bottle of wine at 5:01, I don’t have to feel guilty about it.  After all, I’m just being a proper, civilized human.  
So, thanks, LA Times.  Usually reading the paper is a depressing reminder that this world sucks, but today...today you gave me a lift.  And a hankering for some bubbly.  


  1. Amen sister. I'll drink to that.

  2. By the way, it only took me trying to comment on every one of your entries to figure out how to post a comment. Must have been all that BEER and TEQUILA.